Favorite Comments, Part One

A trio of comments responding to the piece I wrote for Huffington Post Women:

Commenter 1: “I think she is over thinking this.”

Commenter 2 (responding to Commenter 1): “Perfectly stated. I’m like its a house for goodness sake. You can not take it with you. And sounds like she has no heirs….s­o I see an estate sale for this beloved piece of real estate. There is something to be said for having a full life that can include things but does not negate the importance of relationsh­ips with PEOPLE.

Commenter 3 (responding to Commenter 2): “You’re like young aren’t you? You think that calling and texting and using facebook are like indicators of relationsh­ips don’t you? You have no idea what it’s like to want some quiet place all your own, where you can go when you are tired of office politics, long hours and little pay, rude and insulting strangers in the stores, where you make the decisions that affect you. You like need to grow up!

The post:



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