A.Z. Vintage: A Business of Her Own

Sharon Fugate and Peggy Shepherd of Grant St, Bloomington’s now-defunct but long-beloved destination for all things quirky, stylish, and cutting edge, provided their employees with invaluable experience in running a business.  Two of those employees, Lara Moore and Alison Zook, have gone on to found their own ventures.

Moore’s bella bella arts produces tables and other furnishings for a national clientele. Many of her fans are so crazy about her layered tissue paper artistry that they have pieces of her work in nearly every room of their home.

Zook’s A.Z. Vintage opened just this month on Bloomington’s South Morton Street in a space cleverly packed with clothes, jewelry, furniture, lighting, dishware, shoes…even bikinis and sunglasses. You haven’t seen prices this low in years, possibly decades (many of her to-die-for vintage earrings are under $5 a pair), which promises to ensure a rapid turnover in wares. All the more reason to stop by often, lest you miss some ridiculously affordable treasure.


One response to “A.Z. Vintage: A Business of Her Own

  1. You are so fricking funny! Love your adorable poses with the inventory!
    I see our former coffee pot in one fabulous shot! Hugs and congrats on the lovely new website. Shay and Caroline

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