29 hours in Chicago


Big thanks to Jean Alan and Susann Craig for hosting a couple of sparkling events in November. 
Susann’s event was held to benefit Intuit, the Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art.  Afterwards, Kendall and I went home to Susann’s loft for dinner with several of her friends.

Mike, Laurence, and Marsha

The following morning Susann explored her bookshelves and retrieved a variety of treasures, among them a pair of original Art Sinsabaugh calendars from 1966, along with a rare Sinsabaugh color print.  

Kendall and Susann

Later, at Susann’s urging, Kendall and I visited Douglas Dawson‘s awe inspiring gallery and made a quick stop at the Blommer Chocolate factory. Sadly, Kendall lost his chocolate covered toffees between the factory store and his vehicle.
Jean and Ruthie Alan, working with their dedicated staff, put on a spectacular spread to celebrate the renovation of their showroom and a book signing to benefit the Cancer Center of Northwestern University Lymphoma Research Program.  If Kendall ever sends me some of his snapshots from that evening I will post them here, but in the meantime, there are beautiful images at Jean’s blog, which you can reach by clicking on “book signing” above.



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