Love Lost, Then Found: Catherine Stafford

Most people know Catherine Stafford as an attorney who focuses on family law. But Catherine also happens to be a formidable hands-on remodeler of old houses.
When Catherine bought her Queen Anne cottage  in a neighborhood characterized by a preponderance of student rentals, existing owner-occupants rejoiced. “Here comes our Joan of Arc!” I imagine them saying, given her steely Can Do approach.  

When Catherine first bought her house, she faced a daunting clean-up, inside and out. This is the back yard.

Catherine had dreamed of owning the house ever since childhood, when she’d known it as the home of her best friend. Years later, she was able to buy it.
And then the fun began.

The classic washing of dishes in the bathtub. Note the vintage '60s flower-power decor..

Because Catherine no longer owns the house (you’ll have to read the story to learn why), there’s just a single image in the book: a picture-perfect-exterior “After.” For a sense of what she invested to produce that money shot, check out these records of what went on behind the scenes.


The lawyer in electrician mode


Cousin and mother on the job. The ceiling is 20 feet, not 20 inches.


Two of Catherine's good friends, early on. Note the raccoon bridge leaning at an angle in the lower shot.


With her grandmother and father in the kitchen


Catherine's family today: husband Troy and children Colleen, Owen, and Eleanor

*Header image not by Kendall Reeves. 

2 responses to “Love Lost, Then Found: Catherine Stafford

  1. What a bunch of hard labor! Love the last wintery picture.
    I’ve forgotten the date – when’s your book signing at Kendall’s?


  2. The book signing will be during the Gallery Walk on October 7th, beginning at 5:30.

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