“Elbow Grease and Ingenuity”: Amy Rybacki

The lovely note below arrived this week from Amy Rybacki in response to “Women and Their [Sp]Houses,” published in the October issue of Old-House Interiors.

Amy Rybacki in her dining room (Photo from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Dear Ms. Hiller,
I really enjoyed your recent article in Old-House Interiors. I never really had given my relationship with my house much thought, but your words rang true with me!  Restoring my home did give me a sense of purpose, something I felt I was always meant to do.  A few years ago, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote an article on my restoration (http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09031/945829-30.stm), and when it was picked up by the Scripts News Service, the headline was changed to say, “Single Woman Updates House…” I remember wondering why they felt the need to tell the world that I was single right there in the bold print of the headline, but I guess I should have been flattered instead by them focusing on the fact that I did it myself, the adventurous soul that I am!
Amy Rybacki
Please note: The header image is cropped from the photo published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 

One response to ““Elbow Grease and Ingenuity”: Amy Rybacki

  1. Yes, Amy, you should have been–and should be–flattered.

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